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"Where can I purchase bamboo?"

"Who designs and builds teahouses?"

"Is there a source of Japanese garden plants in my area?"

The ROTH Tei-en Resource Directory of designers, craftsmen, suppliers, and merchants provides answers to these questions and more.

Japanese gardens are not casual undertakings, and their creation and ongoing maintenance can sometimes require the expertise of a wide variety of professionals.  The Directory is a good tool for locating the help and resources you need.  Addresses and telephone numbers of more than 300 Japanese garden-related companies are listed, together with recommended books, public gardens, and contact information for important organizations.

The Directory is more than just a blind listing of data.  There are many phony Japanese garden experts out there, so ROTH Tei-en researches all of the listees, and tries to omit those who are not truly knowledgeable about the unique aspects of Japanese gardening.  In this regard, the Directory is different than many of the "resource lists" posted on the Internet.  Many of the Directory listees are, themselves, Journal subscribers, and thus you can trust them to be knowledgable about your needs.

The 48-page Directory is not available to the general public.  The Directory is only available to Journal subscribers for the price of $12 per copy.

Good luck with your Japanese garden!

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