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Name:Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association 
Other Name 
URL  Goto their site  http://members.shaw.ca/vjga/
Address4289 Slocan Street 
StateBritish Columbia 
Postal CodeV5R 1Z2 
Added to JGarden2/2/2002 
Last Updated9/4/2004 
DescriptionPresident: Y. Inaoka
7877 Stanley Street, Burnaby, BC V5E 1V7 (604) 522-3863

Vice-President: E. Hayashi
7280 No. 4 Road, Richmond, BC V6Y 2T3 (604) 273-2255 Mari ph: (604) 439-0348

The VJGA also runs a gardener's supply store, the West Coast Gardeners Coop.

Formed in 1959 when Nitobe Memorial Garden was dedicated. Most of its members had different occupations in Japan and have come to the Japanese garden profession as a second career as part of their immigration to Canada. Maintain a relationship with other organizations such as the Seattle Japanese Gardeners Association and the Northwest Federation of the Japanese Gardeners. Before WWII, there were 178 Japanese gardeners in Vancouver. The group formed after the war and began its work at the Japanese Hall in Vancouver (built in 1928). IN 1983, they bought their own building and opened the West Coast Gardeners Coop. This is now paid off and is located at 4289 Slocan Ave, Vancouver. The store includes an enormous array of equipment and supplies as well as a machine repair shop. But the most important benefit was the construction of a community and social group for the gardeners and their families. The sponsor a public plan sale twice a year since 1977, and through these sales they introduced the now common Habotan (colored cabbage/kale) to the market. Kenkyukai (Study Meetings) are an important way to transmit knowledge between generations and among members. Roy Sumi was the original founder and is the namesake for the annual Sumi Award, which honors the best garden. The biggest customer group for the group is actually the large Chinese immigrant population (1/2 million) that inhabits the Vancouver region.

While the members all have their own businesses, the group has collectively developed several large-scale gardens including:
Latitude/Longitude:lat=49.25; long=-123.11667
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