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Oriental Gardening
Jerome, Kate and Sanchez, Maureen (Japanese Garden Society of Oregon)
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1/20/2007: I've been too consumed by my software business to commit the time to developing a new forum that it deserves. Fortunately, Michael Brenner has stepped up to the plate and delivered a new Japanese Garden forum at http://www.myjapanesegarden.org/talk/. If this proves successful, the JGarden.org forum will likely not be restored and we will focus more on content development. Mr. Brenner has implemented a system that fulfills many of the goals I had for the JGarden forum including:
  • User accounts and logins are mandatory to post
  • Moderators that will assist with reviewing posts and pulling them if participants don't abide by some basic rules of civility
  • Different catagories for different topics
  • Searchable
Hopefully, these measures will enable Michael to mitigate the juvenile behavior that wrecked similar forums on GardenWeb and here at JGarden.

4/11/2006: The JGarden.org Forum was shut down. Some of the participants had demonstrated substantial lack of adult judgement in their posts. It was my intent to implement a new software system for a new forum. I had completed testing of a number of different systems and had decided on one, but this effort has been superseded by the activities of others (see above). I will consider implementing a forum on JGarden.org again if there is demand for it, but otherwise will look forward to seeing Mr. Brenner's efforts prosper.

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