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Photographer William Corey announces Photo-of-the-Month Program


Last Updated: 3/13/2005

Photographer William Corey has recently created a Photo-of-the-Month program whereby he is selling a single Japanese garden photo print at a substantial discount. Each month a new image, never before printed, is offered for purchase on this page. Printed to a size of 16 X 20 inches, each print is mounted on luxurious cotton rag paper, signed, and comes with a short history and a certificate of authenticity. It is available for only $ 125.00. At the end of each month the image will go into the PORTFOLIOS page and sell thereafter for the current 16 X 20 print price; never to be discounted again (currently $500).

Corey originally captures his images on 8 X 10 inch sheet film, which is then precisely scanned using the highest quality drum scanner. The printing is done using lasers, which write with light, directly onto true photographic papers. There is so much information on this film that when digitized and printed in this manner the smallest details, the most luminous colors, the most delicate atmospheric effects are rendered faithfully and honestly. If you were to visit his studio and view a finished piece on the wall, or hold one in your hands, you would appreciate and understand why carrying seventy pounds of camera equipment halfway around the world and going to great lengths to achieve a masterful print is well worth the effort.

To take advantage of the offer, go to http://www.williamcorey.com and click on 'Purchase' button at the top of the page.

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