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4th Int'l Japanese Garden Symposium Report

Contact: info@jgarden.org
Last Updated: 9/6/2004

A representative from JGarden.org attended the 4th International Japanese Garden Symposium, held in Seattle, Washington 28 August 2004 - 30 August 2004, and did his best to take notes on the material presented. The notes are separated into two major parts. Day 1 and Day 3. So you might be wondering what happened to Day 2. The second day of the event was a workshop day at Kubota Garden, where the attendees were broken up into five groups that moved around the site listening to presentations on pruning, stone setting and garden plant rehabilitation.

Attending the Symposium was enormously useful for JGarden.org. We've added and updated dozens of entries in the database. You can see what's new at: http://www.jgarden.org/whats_new.asp?FromDate=9/3/2004&ToDate=10/1/2004

Day 1 (Saturday) 28 August 2004 - Opening sessions, keynote address, plenary presentations and round table discussion. Notes on Day 1

Day 2 (Sunday) 29 August 2004 - Workshops at Kubota Garden.

Day 3 (Monday) 30 August 2004 - Presentations in 2 tracks on a range of topics, closing roundtable discussion on current issues. Notes on Day 3

Day 4 (Monday) 31 August 2004 - Tours of Seattle

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