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JGarden Tops 3 million page views

Last Updated: 9/21/2003

For those of you new to the JGarden site, we've been around in some form on the web since spring 1996. Now that's a long time by web standards, but it was hosted on my graduate student account at the Univ. of Pennsylvania for several years. Then in July 2000, I moved the site to its own domain as JGarden.org and began to get really organized about the project, including tracking how many people visit the site. Well, as of the end of April, we've served up over 3 million page views since since July 2000. (We've made a conservative estimate that there were at least a million or two in the preceding five years, so the total may be closer to 5 million.)

In 1996, we started with just 6 HTML pages and 4 images. In 2000, it was still a pretty modest affair, but was becoming unmanageable with 120+ pages. I'd added some photos of gardens but there were still only 42 of them. In 2000, I decided to make a greater commitment to the site and spent the few hundred dollars it would take to secure space on a server outside the University. At the time, the site was also re-designed and turned into a software and database-driven web site rather than a sprawling set of HTML pages. While this was initially a lot of work, it eased the burden of maintaining the site enormously, allowing me to focus on adding new functionality like searching, a user forum, the newsletter, etc. Since then, we've gone from 50 gardens to over 600 with multiple pages devoted to each one and over 1,800 photos of gardens. We've got more than 500 books and articles in our bibliography and almost 2,500 people receive this newsletter. I saw 'we' because, while I still run this site as an individual, an enormous amount of new material, corrections, and imagery now come from the people that visit the site. In that sense, this is a community project, and I couldn't be happier.

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