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Journal of Japanese Gardening


Last Updated: 5/20/2000

Roth Teien imageThe Journal of Japanese Gardening
This bi-monthly publication dedicated to the world of Japanese Gardens is going strong in year 2. Published by ROTH Tei-en in Orefield, PA, Douglas Roth and Tamao Goda discuss all aspects of Japanese Garden design, construction and maintenance within journal. They particularly feel that the essence of the Japanese Garden lies the care and attention given to its maintenance. Each Journal issue discusses both basic and advanced pruning techniques, as well as other important design and maintenance secrets that are rarely mentioned in 'coffee table' books. Regular topics include:
  • Japanese Garden design principles
  • Stone placement and other related articles
  • Koi, pond and water gardening topics
  • Japanese Garden pruning techniques
  • Essays
  • Question/Answer forum
  • Book and public garden reviews
  • Tools, tips and techniques
  • Plants and ornaments
  • A Japanese feel for your garden
  • Japanese Gardening's "Pattern Language"
The main goals are to present the English-speaking world with well-researched, accurate information about Japanese Gardens through a thoughtful and informative magazine and to help readers apply the techniques to their own homes and gardens, thereby improving the quality of their communities.
To join or subscribe, write to:
The Journal of Japanese Gardening
P.O. Box 1050, Dept P
Rockport, Maine 04856  USA
6 issues per year, $35 (single issues $7)

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