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Features and Announcements
JOJG Announces Results of Australian Garden Survey

Last Updated: 4/6/2003

The Journal of Japanese Gardening (JOJG) has been kind enough to allow us to republish the results of their Australian Garden Survey. The article appears below, minus the photographs:

It is safe to say that nearly every JOJG reader would love to travel to Japan and see the gardens there. Making such a trip has become easier, but it's still a journey that many won't get to make. Fortunately there are more than 300 fine Japanese gardens located outside of Japan. At least 25 of them are located in Australia.

In an effort to identify which of Australia's gardens are particularly noteworthy, we distributed a survey to garden experts there. The survey posed one question: "What are the highest-quality Japanese gardens in Australia?" We encouraged participants to apply their own definition of the word "quality."

Unfortunately, Australia is a large country with a small population, and there are probably less than a half-dozen experts there who have visited more than two or three of their Japanese gardens. It is hoped that this survey will encourage our Australia readers to get out and about. When we do this survey again in a few years, we will hopefully have more data to work with, and the results will be more statistically accurate.

The Melbourne Zoo Japanese Garden

JGarden Data
Elliot Avenue, PO Box 74
Parkville, Victoria 3052
According to our survey results this garden ranks #1 out of 25 gardens, making it Australia's highest quality Japanese garden. Built in 1990, it is modest in size and located within the grounds of the Royal Melbourne Zoo. The garden features azumaya, a waterfall and a winding yari-mizu stream.

Univ. of Southern Queensland

JGarden Data
West Street, Toowoomba
Queensland 4350
Also known as "Ju Raku En", this large stroll garden was opened in 1989. It features several sub-gardens of various styles.

Cowra Japanese Garden

JGarden Data
Binni Creek Road, P.O. Box 248
Cowra, New South Wales 2794
This five-hectare kaiyu-shiki "stroll style" garden was opened in 1979. It is designed to embody the entire landscape of Japan.

Ipswich Japanese Garden

JGarden Data
Burley Griffin Drive, P.O. box 191
Ipswich, Queensland 4305
Also known as the "Nerima" garden, this sister-city garden was constructed in 2000. It is located in Queens Park, Ipswich.

Hobart Japanese Garden

JGarden Data
The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
Queens Domain, Hobart, Tasmania 7000
This cool climate garden, linked with sister city Yaizu, features interesting water features and traditional Japanese garden plants.

Brisbane Botanic Garden

JGarden Data
Mt. Coot-tha Road
Toowong, Queensland 4066
This garden was a gift from Japan for Expo '88. The entire garden was moved to its present location in 1989.

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