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Features and Announcements
3rd Annual Symposium on Japanese Gardens Announced


Contact: info@Japanese-gardens-assoc.org
Last Updated: 8/3/2002

2002 Symposium of Japanese Gardens: Perspectives on Japanese Gardens of the World: Pursuing Authenticity.

The theme of the symposium, Perspectives on Japanese Gardens of the World Pursuing Authenticity, will address the challenges in the search for authenticity and maintaining the style and beauty of these gardens in a global setting.

The symposium is co-sponsored with the International Association of Japanese Gardens and the Garden Society of Japan. The registration fee for the symposium will be $250.00US and $100US for students. Please make checks payable to the International Association of Japanese Gardens.

Preliminary Schedule of Events for Kyoto, Japan

Heiankyo, Sekai Kyusei Kyo, Izunome
24-1 Ikeshita-cho, Saga Hirosawa, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Telephone (075) 872-3550

Kyoto Kyusei Kaikan, Sekai Kyusei Kyo, Iszunome

25 Hirokoji, Kawaramachi Kami Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Telephone (075) 256-0035

(A) Kyoto Royal Hotel
Sanjyo Noboru, Kawaramachi, chukyo-Ku, Kyoto
Tele: 075-241-2000 Fax: 075-223-1702

(B) Hotel Fujita
Ohashi-Hotori, Kamogawa Nijyo, Chukyo-Ku, Kyoto
Tele: 075-222-1511 Fax: 075-256-4561

( ) Number of rooms blocked
Exchange rate: 132 Yen/US$ as of 1/10/2002

September 28(Saturday)
9:00 am Registration
Program Host: Mr. Kazuo Mitsuhashi, Board Member, The Garden Society of Japan
10:00 Declaration of the opening of the Symposium:
Mr. Nobumasa Kitamura, President, The Garden Society of Japan

Welcome Speech: Mr. Mototaka Mori, Honorary Chairman, The Garden Society of Japan

Opening Speech: Mr. Cap Saheki, President, The IAJG, Inc.

10:30 Keynote Address:
Hajime Nakamura, Professor Kyoto Art University
"Task and problems confronting with Japanese Gardens outside of Japan"

11:30 Lunch

1:00 pm Lecture: "Inner feeling of Japanese Garden"
W.J. Bout, Instructor at the University of Kyoto

2:10 Dialogue: "Tea Ceremony"
Mr. Masakazu Izumi, Director Ura-Senke, Kyoto
3:10 Coffee break

3:30 Report: "Japanese Garden in Munich, Germany"
Mr. J. Bratte, Gardener, Munich

4:30 Lecture: "Materials: Stone and water for Japanese Garden" Mr. Shiro Nakane, Director, The Garden Society of Japan

5:30 Announcements

September 29 (Sunday)
9:00 am Registration

9:30 Lecture: "Maintenance of Japanese Garden"
Mr. Hiromasa Amagasaki, Professor, Kyoto Art University

10:40 Report: "Technical training program in USA"
Mr. Kazuo Mitsuhashi, Director, The Garden Society of Japan

11:40 Lunch
1:00 pm Lecture: "Stones in Saihoji Temple Garden"
Mr. Peter Jacobs, Professor, University of Montreal

2:10 Round table discussion

3:00 Coffee Break

3:20 Lecture: "Replanting and cultivation of trees"
Mr. Hitoshi Uchida, Professor, Tokyo Agricultural University

4:00 Closing remarks:
Mr. Takenosuke Tatsui, Vice President, IAJG, Inc.
4:30 Business Meeting
Board of Directors

9/30 Optional Garden tour A
10/1 Optional Garden tour B

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