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Work Experience: Japanese Gardens

Contact: edzard@fuzei.com
Last Updated: 2/2/2002

Are you interested in apprenticing with a Japanese garden professional, but don't know where to start? Well, if you've got two weeks to six months, or longer, there are professionals that can use some extra help, while you gain in skills and perceptions. Those interested in applying for unpaid, temporary apprentice positions should contact Edzard Teubert, Principal, Fuzei Gardens, Alberta, Canada (edzard@fuzei.com). Edzard is working to develop a network of experienced garden professionals in North America that are willing to work with aspiring Japanese gardeners for short to moderate periods of time. If you are interested, please send him an e-mail that includes a description of your experience, any formal/informal training, aspirations, constraints and time frames. Expected followup will be a short essay on garden, along with a photo of oneself, resume that is pertinent and one or two garden designs of your choice with a short explanation. The objective of this is to be able to place the candidate with an appropriate gardener that is working on projects that may be of interest. Applicants will be accepted from any country, but should be proficient in English with at least some knowledge of Japanese garden terms.

A few notes on this:
  • Edzard is developing this network on a trial basis. There are no guarantees he will be able to place you.
  • Because most JGardeners with considerable experience do not have email, web access, fax machines, etc. nor wish to, these applications will primarily be done via snail mail. So please be patient

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