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UC Davis is Accepting Applications for Summer Workshop in Kyoto


Contact: summer-abroad@ucdavis.edu
Last Updated: 3/6/2002

The University of California, Davis Program in Landscape Architecture has announced a Japanese Garden Workshop entitled "Japanese Garden, Culture and Tradition" to be held in Kyoto, Japan in Summer 2002 Monday, August 18 - Friday, September 13. Program cost is $2,275 USD (not including airfare and meals).

The course, co-hosted by Kyoto University, will be led by Arno Suzuki, M.L.A. and will examine the history, cultural background, and design theory of traditional Japanese gardens and architecture from the 8th to 19th centuries and explores the possible applications for today. Students will have an opportunity to speak to local practitioners and academics as well as selected Kyoto University students during lectures, an intensive design workshop and field trips to local gardens, shrines, and historically significant areas.

This summer abroad class offers open enrollment for anyone who is strongly interested in this subject. All lectures will be given in English, however some basic Japanese knowledge may be helpful for everyday life. Prerequisite for this class is LDA170 (for UC Davis students) or consent of instructor. Architecture, landscape architecture or related design background is preferrable.

Questions regarding tuition and application process should be addressed to: UC Davis Session Abroad Office +1.800.summer6 or +1.530.757.3308
Email: summer-abroad@ucdavis.edu

Questions regarding course content should be addressed to the instructor:
Email: asuzuki@ucdavis.edu

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