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A Japanese Garden Journey: Through Ancient Stones and Dragon Bones released by Stemmer House


Last Updated: 5/20/2000

A Japanese Garden Journey: Through Ancient Stones and Dragon Bones, by Judith D. Klingsick, has recently been announced by Stemmer House.
"Ancient legends suggest that huge rocks heaving out of the ground are dragon bones. In fact, throughout the whole history of Japan, rocks have been called the 'bones of the earth.' They are the framework or skeleton that holds the world together." - Judith D. Klingsick
The publishe writes:
"A guide to classic Japanese gardens unlike any other before it, this beautiful book explores the traditional elements that give Japanese gardens their sensuous, spiritual and timeless qualities, inspiring a deeply felt response in the reader.
Each page dwells intensively on one of these elements; one or more of the author's own full-color photographs accompanies a description that is infused with the meaning, mythology, symbolism, horticultural reference and history of the garden component. On the same page, a graceful short poem extracts the essence of the pine tree, bridge, path, waterfall, torii, rock or other denizen of the garden. The result is a magnificent garden of the imagination. A complete listing of Japanese gardens in the United States enables the reader to turn imagination into reality.
The author has long studied and visited Japanese gardens and currently serves as a gardener's aide and interpretive guide at the Como-Ordway Memorial Japanese Garden in St. Paul Minnesota.

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