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Building My Zen Garden Released


Contact: kieran_egan@sfu.ca
Last Updated: 8/27/2000

What is an Irish-born Canadian doing shifting rocks and dirt around to make a Japanese garden? Kieran Egan's story begins with a trip to see Tanya and Mike, a pair of friends living in Nagoya that are continuously re-designing a balcony-based stone garden with a combination of creativity, yogurt and materials swiped from the Japanese countryside. Like many of us, Egan's garden starts with a romantic vision. He sees himself sitting in a tea house listening to the sound of wind in the bamboo and water cascading nearby, allowing the surroundings to inspire his writing. (His day job is as a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University). The reality is that there's a long path from romantic fantasy to realization. Kieran documents his adventures for us. From the Battle of the Forsythia to 'Mr. Lee' and Brendan's dog, his humorous storytelling style will leave you smiling and convinced that the Zen is not in the garden but in the making of it. And if that's not compelling enough for you, he's posted drafts of several chapters on his web site where you can get an advance look at the book. You can also pre-order it at Amazon. It's scheduled to release November 2000 -- just in time for the holidays.

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