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JOJG Articles
JGarden.org and the Journal of Japanese Gardening (JOJG) have partnered to provide an index of articles that have appeared in the Journal. We hope you enjoy this new content as we fill out the index over the next few months. All of these articles are available for purchase from JOJG as back-issues to subscribers of the Journal.

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Issue #32 of the Journal of Japanese Gardening (JOJG) includes the following articles:

mar/apr 2003

Publisher's Essay: The Tourist Mentality JOJG Staff 4/6/2003 
Book Reviews: Creating Japanese Gardens JOJG Staff 4/6/2003 
Book Reviews: Gardens in China JOJG Staff 4/6/2003 
Book Reviews: The History of Japanese Art JOJG Staff 4/6/2003 
Myths: More on the Tang Myth Tim Hansken 4/6/2003 
Paths: Junction Stones JOJG Staff 4/6/2003 
Fences and Gates: Sleeve Fences Neil Canavan 4/6/2003 
Bridges: Traversable Bridges JOJG Staff 4/6/2003 
Koi: Breeding Koi Tamao Goda 4/6/2003 
Letters: More Pruning Q & A JOJG Staff 4/6/2003 
Gardens: Yamamoto-Tei JOJG Staff 4/6/2003 
Gardens: Australian Garden Survey JOJG Staff 4/6/2003 
Viewpoints: Bonsai vs. Japanese Gardening Various 4/6/2003 
Education: Training in Japan Tim Brown 4/6/2003 

A complete index of JOJG's contents is also available.

The article(s) listed above are available for purchase from JOJG as back-issues but only to subscribers of the Journal of Japanese Gardening

This bi-monthly journal is published by ROTH Tei-en in Maine. Douglas Roth, Tamao Goda and a roster of guest writers discuss all aspects of Japanese Garden design, construction and maintenance. Each Journal issue discusses both basic and advanced pruning techniques, as well as other important design and maintenance practices.

The main goals are to present the English-speaking world with well-researched, accurate information about Japanese Gardens through a thoughtful and informative magazine and to help readers apply the techniques to their own homes and gardens, thereby improving the quality of their communities.
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